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Waihusiwa, A Zuni Kyaqimassi. Kyaqimassi ("house chief") is the title of the Shiwanni of the north, the most important of all Zuni priests. Waihusiwaa a highly spiritual man, was one of the most steadfast of the Zuni priests upholding the traditions of the native religion.

Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) American photographer and ethnologist whose work focused on the American West and on Native American peoples.
The North American Indian
In 1906, J. P. Morgan provided Curtis with $75,000 to produce a series on Native Americans. Curtis received no salary for the project which was to last more than 20 years.  Curtis's goal was not just to photograph but also to document as much of Native American traditional life as possible. Curtis made over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Native American language and music. He took over 40,000 photographic images of members of over 80 tribes.
In 1935, the Morgan estate sold the rights to The North American Indian to the Charles E. Lauriat Company in Boston; including the copper printing plates and the original glass-plate negatives. These copper and silver plates remained untouched in the Lauriat basement in Boston until they were rediscovered in 1972.  The prints in the 1972 portfolios are from the original copper and glass printing plates.
In later life: Around 1922, Curtis moved to Los Angeles and opened a new photo studio. To earn money he worked as an assistant cameraman for Cecil B. DeMille  in the 1923 filming of The Ten Commandments.

Edward S Curtis