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Portrait of Richard.

Portrait of Frida Kahlo, renown Mexican artist, and Frida Calico.

Portrait of Alexander: At the Battle of Cowpens,  January 17, 1781, The War of Independence." (1775–1783), South Carolina.”  

"My Place in History"  Henry James (1843 –1916) renown writer (The Portrait of a Lady, The Wings of the Dove. L'Heureux inserted her own portrait in art work.

Portrait of Rosalie, in French 1900 fashion.

2017 new art works

Portrait "Navajo Traveler, 1900"

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Women’s March to petition the right to vote - February 12, 1913 (President Lincoln’s birthday) - Phoebe Hawn in this portrait was one of 14 women who walked 295 miles from New York City to Washington DC ; The 14 women who walked the entire route wore long brown capes as shown in this art work. Purple, white and green were the official colors of this movement, but brown and black colors  were also used.